Monday, 8 October 2012

Playmobil Review: 1.2.3 Take-Along Fire Station

The folks over at PLAYMOBIL were kind enough to send Milo a new toy to play with in exchange for a review. Much to Milo's delight we opened up the large, colourful Playmobil 1.2.3 Take-Along Fire Station box and got of! 

When I first saw the picture on the box, I was a little unsure as to how appropriate it would be for an active 3 1/2 year old who is used to playing with the PLAYMOBIL range for slightly older children (the 1.2.3 range is specifically designed for toddlers between the age of 18-36 months.) This didn't seem to bother Milo one bit however and I discovered that there are some discernible advantages to the 1.2.3 range. This primarily being the fact that the pieces are built to withstand a toddler and can therefore hold their own when Milo is bashing and crashing them around (everything absolutely must crash according to Milo!) I like the sturdiness of each of the pieces and even when the ladder was taken off the top of the fire engine (he'd decided it was unnecessary for our emergencies), you can see that it wouldn't easily break.

Milo loved the firemen and the fire engine. We named the men 'John' and 'Edward' and I was sternly told that John takes the seat and Edward gets to sleep in the bed. John knew his place! The fire engine was driven to various emergencies, we saved many a life and then the men came back to have a rest. All in a days hard work for a firefighter! 

My favourite part of the toy is the 'Take Along' aspect. All of the pieces can be tidied away in to the box which closes and you are then left with a very nifty little carry case (as shown in the photo below). It's fun for the children to walk around with and it also means packing away the toy at the end of the day is neat and easy, so good for the parents too! 

The only slight negative I had with the toy was that the latch for opening the door was a little frustrating for Milo. He was more then capable of actually opening and closing it himself and a younger toddler shouldn't find this too hard either. It's just a bit of a pain for the less patient children out there, my son included! I either just helped him with it or he got there in the end himself.Check out how the fire station opens up below...
All in all, I think it's a great toy. It can be used to encourage a bit of role play ie. having the firemen interact with each other and making up situations and emergencies they need to get involved in) and of course who doesn't love the chance to play with a fire engine?!

The 1.2.3 Take-Along Fire Station (Meine Mitnehm-Feuerwehrstation) can be bought from PLAYMOBIL here for €34,99.

PLAYMOBIL UK can be found here
PLAYMOBIL Germany can be found here

Below are some more pics showing how much fun Milo had playing with it...

Check out the funky lift! 
(the string dangling down the side is how the lift manoeuvres up & down. Super easy for small hands)

The Packaging
 John patiently sitting whilst Edward takes a nap (Mine & Milo's name choices!)

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  1. That looks really lovely! I think the carry case is great - and it seems a great size - you could probably take it on holiday too.

    I'm slightly worried about Edward sitting watching John sleep... he's going to end up getting a written warning if he keeps that up!

    1. Fab isn't it! It does make a good toy for when out and about and you could even store your snacks in the case ;)

      Edward and John need all sorts of warnings for what they get up to! Especially if they keep crashing the fire engine as often as they have so far!

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I love to read your comments so please feel free to let me know what you think...