Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Fasching aka Pancake day the German way

Today Milo got to celebrate Fasching at his nursery. Fasching is yet another German tradition that I know very little about much like the 'Lanternenumzug' which I finally learnt about in 2011.

Milo has dressed up for Fasching at nursery before. Usually it has been a great opportunity to make use once more of his Halloween costume from the year before and I usually have to make some food for it but other then that, I have always been clueless. This year I decided it's about time I learn a little more information about it and good old Wikipedia has been a helping hand once more. Fasching officially begins on the 11th November and ends with 'Fasching Week' which begins the week before 'Ash Wednesday'.

It seems that Fasching means different things to different parts of Germany but generally it is a last chance to party and eat before lent begins. That's it really. It's a bit less impressive than I had imagined.

On the plus side, it's a great excuse to dress your children up and Milo went this morning as a bear. I've got to be honest that it was a bit of a half costume. I didn't manage to find some of the pieces I was hoping would go with it. I searched 3 shops yesterday for a brown top I could adapt but it seems brown isn't a popular colour for kids clothing! Especially Spring season clothing! Milo didn't seem to mind though and was very happy to be a bear this morning. I think he looked darn cute too!

Do you celebrate something like this where you live? Are you making pancakes today?

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  1. If you ask most of the Germans I know, Fasching (or Fastnacht is at is down here) is not something you NEED to know about. Nobody I work with likes it, and neither does Jan.

    Pancake day, on the other hand, is one of the English traditions that we've adopted. We're having pancakes tonight - first savoury ones with a chicken, leek and bacon filling then sweet ones with the traditional sugar and lemon, and maybe some blueberries too.

    1. Yeah, I think it's more for the children really. A good excuse to dress up and eat sweats!

      I can't actually remember a single Pancake day from my childhood but my mum swears we used to have pancakes that day! I didn't have Milo at home for it this year but will give em a go next year if he's with me. Yours sound lovely!!!

  2. Just made our pancakes! My husband is from Italy and they have Carnivale, the same dressing up and eating before Lent. I have therefore also made some Fritelle.

    1. Mmmmmm I bet it smelt delicious in your household! I'm quite jealous :)


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