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A Wooden Railway Journey with Bigjigs Rail and WoodenToyShop

I am rather partial to a classic wooden toys I must say. They may hurt more when you are hit over the head with one by an over-enthusiastic toddler, but they are just so much more durable than their plastic counterparts and far prettier too! Today I am handing over the blogging reigns for the day to the WoodenToyShop.co.uk to share their rather splendid collection of classic wooden toy sets...

All aboard! Mind the gap and stand clear of the doors please ladies and gentlemen. Go on, admit it: you love a toy train as much as the kids do. Even those of us who aren’t old enough to remember look back fondly towards the golden age of railways. We Brits certainly love our trains and our children’s passion for train sets shows no sign of slowing down. With this in mind and with Christmas getting closer we thought this would be a good moment to take a wander through WoodenToyShop’s wide ranging collection of Bigjigs rail sets and wooden train track.

One of the first questions us grownups ask is “Where are we going to put this train set?” Children really don’t mind whether they play on the floor, the kitchen table, the sofa, the bed or even outdoors, but parents and carers who like to try and keep a tidy house will appreciate the convenience of a Bigjigs Train Table (pictured above) which will accommodate a large train set and stop small pieces getting lost on the floor. Well, maybe.

Of course, junior train drivers can’t do much with a table and no train set. This Bigjigs Services Train Set
comes with a table, thus pleasing grownups and children in one fell swoop. The Services Train Set has plenty of assorted track pieces, a tunnel, bridge and landscape, a train with wagons and also other vehicles such as a car, boat, helicopter and fire engine. This fantastic set will particularly please those children who sit up the moment they hear a siren and an emergency services vehicle speeds past.

The Bigjigs Freight Train Set packs a huge amount of fun into its whopping 130 pieces. Starting with the track itself, this brilliant set features a suspension bridge, triple engine shed, turning plate, tunnel and a wooden crane. These are accompanied by lots of landscape, people and buildings and two trains, one that pulls carriages and another that pulls freight. This very popular set is filled with so many exciting pieces.

The Construction Set is another favourite, especially with children who are fascinated by trucks, cranes and diggers. This 116 piece set has a magnificent wooden track which rises high (to the height of a wooden skyscraper!) with the help of riser blocks. The centrepiece of this set is a large red working wooden crane which can be used to move important construction materials from site to site. Two wooden trains pull materials around this set which comes with construction workers and vehicles, including a digger, roller and dumper truck. 
Parents of younger children who are looking for a first train set will appreciate the Bigjigs rail starter sets such as the Village Train Set pictured above. These smaller sets are a perfect introduction to the joys and pleasures of train sets and are small enough for younger children to handle easily. They encourage children to learn how to set up a basic track configuration and contain enough pieces – trains, buildings, stations etcetera – to give young imaginations the inspiration required to dream up adventures, fun and games.
Wooden train track, expansion sets and accessories will always add fun to any wooden train set. At WoodenToyShop, all the trains and train sets use the same wooden track and so you can be sure that whenever you buy a little treat, like this Grand Central Station,

it will fit with any other set bought in this store. There are so many accessories available, such as tunnels, bridges, engine sheds, cranes and viaducts. When your friends and family are stuck for presents, why not suggest a visit to WoodenToyShop for something to add to your little one’s train set.

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