Friday, 27 September 2013


The first time Milo touched sand when he was a little baby, he totally freaked out and cried. Alfie shares no such fear and attacks sand with utter joy. He flings the sand around the same way as he flings water whilst having a bath. If you are sitting nearby, you need to watch out as you will likely end up with sand on your clothes, in your hair and in your mouth if you are particularly unlucky. At one point, Alfie got so enthusiastic that he fell forward, face-first in to the sand. Thump. I was expecting a cry or a squeel, or something. But no, I picked him up and he just kind of looked a little flummoxed, but not overly bothered. Milo and I on the other hand couldn't help but giggle. Milo was in full on hysterics by the time I finally managed to get all the sand cleaned off Alfie's face. Oh Alfie, you are so cute!

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