Thursday, 19 December 2013

Alfie at 10 Months

Ok, so technically Alfie is 10 and a half months now, but finding the chance to get these photos taken is getting a little tougher at the moment. Getting good photos of Alfie at all at the moment is a challenge because, as soon as I get down to floor level, Alfie dashes over and starts climbing on top of me.

He's such a little character my Alfie. A number of people have mentioned that they've never seen him cry and it's true. He's not much of a cryer. If he's super hungry or over-tired, he can really let rip, but other than that, he's a generally happy-go-lucky kind of chap. When at home, he gets bored pretty quickly, but out and about, he's fascinated by everything he sees and is happy to hang about and be part of the action. He's incredibly energetic and moves nonestop given the chance. He's a little climber, just like his brother was and he's loving the chance to climb stairs and scramble over things, although he often ends up thudding down on to his face which isn't his favourite thing to do!!!

He's also really in to throwing things right now and if you end up finding yourself in the cross-fire, it can be pretty painful! I do love wooden children's toys, but I tell you, plastic hurts a lot less when it hits you in the face! It's so funny to watch though as he sits in the middle of the room, just flinging everything around. The more noise something makes, the better for him.

He's learning new skills at a rapid pace at the moment and if you show him how to do something, he tends to pick it up quite quickly. He loves to walk back and forth across the room, with the help of his walker or the activity table (thanks to no carpets) and he'll happily do that for ages. He's walked a little whilst holding my hands, but that doesn't interest him so much. He's an independent kind of kid and wants to do it by himself.

He's still a happy eater and will eat pretty much anything I put in front of him. Colours and textures don't seem to phase him and he just gobbles it up without a second thought. I am so proud of this little guy, he's one cool dude. I can't believe he'll be turning 1 next month, it's just so surreal to think how fast this year has gone!!! To think we are about to celebrate his first Christmas is amazing. I can't wait!

music and dancing
being overtired
Favourite songs
Katy Perry tunes!
Favourite place to sleep
In his cot
ba ba baaaaa
formula and real food
Something new
standing without holding on

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  1. He's absolutely gorgeous! And I love the jumper he's wearing in this post.

    1. It's so cute isn't it! I've wanted it so long and when it came in to the H&M sale, I snapped it up!

  2. These babies are growing up too fast. He is just gorgeous though and sounds like a beautiful little character.

    1. They'll be in school before we know it! Alfie is quite the charmer :)

  3. He is just growing so quickly! It seemed like just yesterday when you were pregnant with him and he's already crawling around! Beautiful pics!

    1. I can't believe it myself!!! Where did the time go?!


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