Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Cooking with Children Part 1

Happy 1st December people! How is it December already?! Seriously! Where is the time going? We've been getting in to the Christmas spirit earlier than ever this year and many a Christmas tune has been playing on the computer from the last weeks of November! It's never too early as far as i'm concerned this year, partly down to some news I'm going to announce next week, and we're enjoying it.

I bought a book called 'Christmas Cooking with Kids' a short while back and Milo and I are slowly baking our way through it's pages. There was the rather dismal attempt at marshmallow snowmen (don't ask!), the gorgeous gingerbread house (that'll be on the blog next week) and yesterday, during a day I was devoting to my oldest boy (no easy thing with an adventurous baby around), we attempted one of the savoury options in the book. Palmiers. They are so easy to do and Milo was able to get involved in each part of the process.

We put in a bit too much pesto (we both love it), but they turned out fabulous and Milo was so proud, he wanted to take some of them to his dad's to show him. He's really in to cooking and baking now and I look forward to getting through some of the other recipes in the book!

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  1. Yum, they look delicious! Well done Milo... he deserves to be proud of himself :-)

    1. They were lovely and we'll definitely be making them again! :)


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