Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Single No More

2013 has been a hard year. There have been the amazing highs, with Alfie joining our little family. He's fit in to our life so well, as though he was always here and it has been the making of Milo. He's become such a wonderful big brother. Whenever I see my boys giggle together and dance together, like we've been doing a lot this week, it makes my heart swell with utmost pride and joy.

There have been a lot of struggles this year too though. I have chosen to keep a number of them private and to not share them on this blog. They've been discussed with my wonderful friends and I've been incredibly lucky to have some amazing support through some of the tougher times that could have broken many a person.

I do have some positive news to share now though. Something I've been keeping for myself, but am now ready to share. As the title to this post suggests, I am single no more. Along with the wonderful two little boys in my life, there is a man in my life too. Not a new man though. We have, in fact, been close friends for 10 years or so. This year things developed in to something deeper and we are now dating. Friends and family have been asking for years why he and I weren't together, so it seems inevitable that it was going to happen eventually. Either way, I am glad it has happened and we are a mighty match. He's British and is still in the UK, although visiting regularly. It turns out I am pretty rubbish at long distance relationships. I haven't the patience for them. It won't be long distance forever though and he will be making the move back to Berlin (he lived here a couple of years ago) soon.

Dating a good friend is so different from getting to know someone from scratch. There's none of the insecurity that comes with new people normally. We know how well-matched we are, that's been clear for years. I know there are no major (negative) surprises ahead and I know he makes me happy and will continue to do so, as he always has. I am loved up and it is good. 2014 has some great times ahead.

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  1. Oh Sarah, That sounds so wonderful! All the best for you!

    1. Thanks Isa. It has been a great turn of events.

  2. Excellent news! So happy for you!

  3. I am really pleased for you - relationships based on friendship can be some of the best around. Little snapshots of your new man with Milo show that he obviously has a big place in your little boy's heart. There was real joy in his face in the kite flying photos. x

    1. Thanks Melanie, I agree, I can already feel how strong this relationship is. He's great with the boys and will be a very positive influence in their lives x

  4. Lovely news, I'm really pleased for you x


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