Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Holiday with a Difference

Later in the year The Bloke, the boys and I will be heading off on a little holiday with a difference. We had planned on taking a warm holiday, but had trouble finding a good destination to fly to from Berlin off-peak and then, out of nowhere, I found a fantastic sounding festival. A rock and roll festival. The photos I found on the internet were filled with kids and it was quickly sealed, we booked it. The Bloke and I both have our minds set firmly in another era and so the opportunity to dress up and spend the weekend in the 50s sounds just perfect to us. 

The boys will be along for the ride and so we are planning on getting them in on the action too. It's a while away yet, but as I am hardly made of money, I am planning what I want to wear now so I can save up for a couple of outfits. I've been looking around on the net for some options and there was nowhere better than ModCloth for my stuff. I totally fell for all the outfits below, with number's 2 and 5 being my absolute favourites and number 1 close behind. I'd have all of them if I could believe me. There's lots of options around from UK-based shops for the boys and I've selected my favourite of the lot. I can't wait till we go! Expect LOTS of photos!!!!

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  1. How fantastic! That sounds like a great holiday! Those outfits look fabulous x

    1. It's going to be really fun and hopefully the boys will enjoy it too :) x


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