Tuesday, 21 January 2014

When do first words really count as first words?!

For a little while now I have been repeating the word ''Mama'' to Alfie with the vague hope that he will at some point repeat it back to me. I did a quick search on the blog this morning to see if there was any mention of when Milo spoke his first words and annoyingly there wasn't! Why oh why didn't I mention this?! I don't remember anything when I don't blog about it!

This morning, as I said ''Mama'' for maybe the hundredth time to Alfie, he did indeed repeat ''Mama'' back to me. A very clear ''Mama!''. Needless to say I totally flipped out in excitement, spinning Alfie around the room. He's repeated it many more times today, but, and it's a big but, I can't really count it as a first word yet. I remember feeling this way with Milo. I just don't blimin' remember when I felt this way with him! Sorry, I'll get over that oversight in not writing about his first words. To me, a proper first word is when the baby/child starts to say the word of his/her own accord and use it to try and achieve something, whether it be to get an object given to them, or to simply achieve a response from you. What do you think? When do you count a word as a true 'first word?'

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  1. My godson has just turned one, and he says three words that can clearly be counted as words. "Mama" (or sometimes Mammy), happy and doggy. I think for me it counts as a word when they understand that it relates to something, so he will say "doggy" when the family dog is let into the room, for example. He made "mamama" noises before he was saying any words, but he also make moomoomoo and gigigi noises, so I think it would be a bit much to say the "mamas" were words but the rest was just sounds...

    1. I completely agree. Alfie is starting to use it more with intention, so it's getting near to a first word I reckon.


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