Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Final Post

After much pondering and back and fourth, I have decided it is time to hang up the Working Berlin Mum curtains and say goodbye to this blog. It is a difficult thing to do. I have been writing about my little family for so long now and my heart is racing fast and hard as I write this final post. It is time though. My family has grown, we will soon become a family of four as The Bloke moves to Berlin in the coming months and I just don't have it in me to keep coming up with new subjects to write about.

This blog has opened up so many worlds to me and helped me develop so many skills and talents I wouldn't have discovered without it. I have been blessed to meet a number of fabulous people through writing Working Berlin Mum and I achieved all but one of my goals that I originally set out for the blog. I will miss my little interactions with those readers who were vocal, who wrote regular comments on either my posts or Facebook page. To those of you who weren't so vocal, I give a little wave and I wish you'd talked up a little more. Getting more comments was always a wish for me and something seemingly out of reach. I have appreciated each and every one of you however, each of you who has taken the time to read what I have had to say. Each of you who enjoyed watching my Milo grow and followed throughout my pregnancy and then, the first year, with Alfie.

I am not completely disappearing, that is likely not going to happen any time soon. I am continuing to grow my www.berlinforallthefamily.com site and look forward to seeing it flourish in the Spring and Summer. If you are ever considering a trip to Berlin, make sure to take a look at the site, it is a wonderful city for visiting with children! I have also started a new venture, a blog specifically aimed at those families being raised in apartments. It's called Apartment Parenting and I am really pleased with the idea. It is aimed at parents living in apartments (with lots of good tips for those living in houses too) around the world and I think this blog will grow and grow. You can check it out at www.apartmentparenting.com. Last but not least, you don't have to completely say goodbye to my family, I have created a photoblog called thisisnotforever. It is a photo journal of every day family life, with a few client photos thrown in for good measure. I will continue to use it to capture the beautiful moments with my wonderful children.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read Working Berlin Mum and I wish you all the best for the coming years and hope to hear from you perhaps through one of my new ventures.


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  1. I will be really sad not to read your updates any more Sarah but wish you all the best with your new projects. Your photo blog is lovely and I will be off to subscribe to that one now. Hope the future holds so many wonderful things for you all x

  2. Goodbye, Sarah! It's always been a pleasure reading you and finding you so open about all the aspects of parenthood! I'll definitely follow the photoblog now! ;-)

  3. Your creation of this fab blog was the reason I got into this crazy blogging malarkey. You have come soooooo far in such a short time young lady so I know for a literal fact your next adventures are gonna be epic. Never stop writing, your words come from such a vital and important place they need to be shared.

  4. Hi Sarah. I was one of the quieter readers :) Thanks for the blog. I enjoyed reading it and being now a Berlin mother of two small boys myself it struck a cord with me on more than one occasion. Thanks again and all the best to the four of you :) Polina

  5. Aww, goodbye. I'm sad to see you go - I've loved reading your updates over the years.

    Will you still be on Twitter, or is that going too?

  6. Goodbye, sweet Sarah - see you on your other pages :) I was one of the silent readers since 2 years - I would have loved to comment more! However, I did appreciate all your posts - especially the Berlin for kids posts, which has lead us to several magic encounters with this fantastic city with our son aged 4.
    Hugs from Copenhagen
    Gitte K

  7. Yours was one of the blogs/ webpages that I first found while researching our move to Berlin last year. Your wonderful blog made me more confident and excited about our big move and I continue to appreciate your fantastic website and brilliant Facebook thread. Thanks Sarah: You have made our experience here so much easier and are the catalyst to so many friendships and experiences.


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